We hope to born ‘NEW SPECIES’ that made by Crossover between culture and sound through this remix contest. Here has not any rules. Just secrete your endorphin and show off your own style. We really believe people can face this darkness by sustaining creativity. Can’t wait to listen to all of your “New Acid”


Contest ends on May 9th, 2021


3.アップロードした楽曲のURLを記載して上記のUpload Buttonよりご応募ください。

・作品の応募は`1人1トラックまで (特定のレーベル/事務所と契約していない方)

Entry Conditions

1.Download stem above.
2.Please upload yours on SoundCloud.
3.Let’s attempt yours via upload button above with URL of your song on SoundCloud.

・Only one entry per a contestant. (Only people do not have contract with Music Label, Management, and so on. )
・The Contest Submission period ends at 00:00 PM JST October 31st.
・The winners will be selected by Crossfaith and their team during the judging period.

※Not use stem of Endorphin except this contest.
※Do not use for your commercial purposes.Not use any material to which you do not own the copyright.

・We will announce people who got award on this site after Crossfaith decided.



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